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Greetings Parliamentarians!

Welcome to the simulation of United Nations - Women at Blue Bells Model UN, 2019. We have envisioned this simulation to be one of the most productive and thoughtful simulation of the committee and for that vision to be actualized, the impetus falls on your shoulders to work harder, think more critically, and adapt instantly.

This guide is the primary resource material released by us. In this preliminary part, we have dealt with broad range of aspects including: preparatory (mandate of the committee, research suggestions, basic things relating to the committee) and Substantive (agenda specific). This part is an effort to provide all of you basic guidelines upon which you can base research. Please note that we would be releasing additional resource material on the interactive portals shortly.

Lastly, you may only treat the guides as introductory documents, which build an insight into the concepts that the agenda deals with. Beyond this, you are required to dig deep and do your own research, but more importantly, we want you to take the information you’ve researched and sit down with it to analyze the core issues there, possibly forecast what the debate on this will entail, and then form logical arguments and efficient solutions on it. Even though this is a rather usual advice, it is imperative in this committee to be followed; otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the fast-paced committee.

Feel free to contact us through e-mail, in case you have any doubts.

We wish you all the best. May the Force be with you!



Best Regards,

Raghav Sodhi





Shwetang Parthsarthy

Vice- Chairperson


Click here to download background guide.


Blue Bells Model School,

Sector - 04, Gurugram

BBMUN 2019 - Blue Bells Model School, Sector - 04