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The GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (GPAI), launched in 2020 by 15 founding members including the EU, US, and Japan, aims to guide the responsible development and use of AI. Technically, it operates through working groups focusing on responsible AI, data governance, the future of work, and innovation. GPAI facilitates international collaboration, policy development, and ethical AI practices. Its relevance lies in addressing AI's societal impacts, promoting transparency, and ensuring AI benefits are broadly shared. By fostering global cooperation, GPAI helps navigate the challenges and opportunities of AI, contributing to sustainable and inclusive technological progress.


Agenda: Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Ensure Equitable and Sustainable Access


Ensuring the ethical use of Artificial  Intelligence Technologies has gained paramount importance in the 21st century. Clear guidelines need to be established for proper AI usage and striking the right balance between people, processes, and technology is crucial for AI governance. AI can study the patterns of energy consumption and provide insights on reducing and improving consumption of energy. Hence, only through integrity can we look up for better solutions to curb AI driver problems. The agenda entails around Artificial Intelligence governance, providing fairness, security and a positive societal impact.

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