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Dr. Saroj Suman Gulati

Dear Delegates & faculty members,​

Being a part of the largest democracy of the world and believing in the maxim of ‘the greatest good of the greatest number’ the need is to understand and realize that economic growth of a nation rests not in the number of luxury cars but in the count of the two wheelers a country is using. Economic growth of any country loses its significance and meaning unless it is supplemented with inclusive growth, because inclusive and sustainable growth alone can drive progress and generate the means to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

The world today is looking up to the young ignited minds to take up the reigns and ensure a sustainable economic growth especially when it is bereft with insecurities of war and the post-pandemic economic crisis. Deeply deliberated and well formulated policies thus need to be designed to pull humanity out  of the present economic crisis. The world at this juncture looks up to our country and as responsible  global citizens  we cannot be complacent to the call of our honourable Prime Minister when he urges us, “ To build an agenda for speedy yet sustainable economic growth that is inclusive of all, is respectful of individuals, responsive to innovation and responsible towards the future generations.’

As the Leader of one of the leading chains of educational institutions in Gurugram, I wish to reiterate my faith in our youngsters who are ardently dedicated towards bringing about this change and add value to this highly complexed world. The theme for BBMUN, ‘Sustainability and Inclusiveness for a Resilient World’ is a step towards this change and will provide a vibrant platform to deliberate upon cohesive and coherent solutions and propel social consciousness towards a positive and sustainable world. I am sure that the conference will be an enriching experience and an excellent opportunity for all the delegates to target towards a sustainable world which bridges the gaps between the economically advanced and economically underprivileged countries. I sincerely look forward to offering a warm hospitality and all-encompassing support for the success of this mega event.

May this sojourn for self-exploration be most gratifying for all the delegates.

Dr. Saroj Suman Gulati


Blue Bells Group of Schools



Charge D’Affaires
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Mrs. Alka Singh

Sustainability and inclusiveness for a resilient world. We are alone. Yet we are together. Our countries are closing borders. Yet we are one in humanity. We are afraid, Yet we will prevail. Yet if we listen closely. To the silence. We can hear the heartbeat of the world

Dear leaders of tomorrow, thinkers of today and inheritors of the past.It is critical for us to cultivate consciousness and compassion towards our environment, create awareness, galvanize people, and build sustainable innovations for sustainable development In this process we also need to have a diverse mix of voices to lead to better understanding, decisions and outcomes for everyone.When the entire world is talking about economies crashing. governments failing, political and social crisis; I still am optimistic because we as a nation are resilient and strong. We are a nation of young minds who are ready to on whatever comes their way.

We are the force of the future. In our 74th year independence we are nearly there with our goal of an 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat', so I say with clarity and assurance we together are the heartbeat of the world.

Let's gear up and strengthen our armour with skills required today and tomorrow for industrial revolution 5.0 and end the barriers that stop inclusiveness and togetherness. Through the platform of BBMUN I am sure my students and all delgates will deliberate and think of practical but potent solutions to ensure Sustainability and inclusiveness for a resilient world. Looking forward to an energised and enthusiastic participation. All the very best

Alka Singh


Blue Bells Model School

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Mr. Yogesh Sharma

We, at BBMUN platform always strive to go above and beyond in developing skills such as teamwork, writing, debating and negotiation, which are important for personal development and future success.

In this age of globalisation, I believe that learning about the world is more important than ever. Students will interact with people from various countries and backgrounds. In addition to learning the style and structure of debate of UN bodies, MUNs expand students' knowledge of global affairs and provide them a set of transferable skills for developing their international careers in law, government, business, the arts and humanities, or many other fields.

All the best to everyone.

Chef De Cabinet

Yogesh Sharma


De Cabinet


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Mr.Varad Choudhary

Greetings to all the delegates, participating institutions, partners and future leaders! The pandemic made us all realize that nothing is more important than coming together and staying strong in the face of adversity. It made us realize how important it is to question our leading bodies, to hold them accountable and to constantly move towards innovation because that's what makes us thrive in this world.

With so much uncertainty around, standing resilient in times of distress is more important than ever. And becoming a resilient force together with everyone around us to fight the greater evil is what defines our life story. Hence BBMUN'22 firmly believes in the theme "Sustainability and inclusiveness for a resilient world".

Ms. Mannat Arora
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Ms. Namrata Munjal
Ms. Mannat Arora
Mr. Shagun Jain

To provide an enriching experience, highly experienced and learned select few Executive Board members are onboard BBMUN'22 so that you can take a beautiful step forward in becoming a leader. Here's to hoping that all delegates take back experiences, learning and beautiful connections back from this conference.

Wishing you all good luck!

With Faith
Board of Advisors


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Ms. Prassiddhi Sachdeva

To all delegates, chairs, observers, and participants of BBMUN'22

On behalf of Blue Bells Model School and the entire secretariat, it is with great excitement that I welcome you to the fourth iteration of BBMUN. Year after year, BBMUN strives to be bigger and better, serving as a trendsetter for best practices in Model UN conferences across the country. This dynamic conference assimilates a host of global issues and current affairs to thematically represent the status quo and identify focal points of change. 

Nelson Mandela once said: “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”. As a young generation, today we have the chance to change the world, change it into a fair, lively, and graceful world bringing prosperity and security to each individual. 

I encourage all participants to be pragmatic in their outlook towards this conference. This entails understanding the values and principles behind each agenda in order to reform policy and gauge the mechanism of globalpolitics. As the Secretariat at BBMUN 2022, our key role will be to facilitate the gaining of this perspective, while ensuring that the conference encourages a solution-oriented approach.

Each year we focus on promoting the development of various fields to let delegates think of domains they might have not thought of before, this year’s theme is : “ Blue Bells for Sustainability and Inclusiveness for a Resilient World ”

I am honored to be serving as the Secretary-General for this conference, and I hope all of our delegates, no matter where they may come from, enjoy our conference and engage in fruitful and meaningful debate as they interact with one another. 

On behalf of the entire BBMUN team, I look forward to seeing you on October 8-9.

Warm Regards, 

Prassiddhi Sachdeva
Secretary General

Dear Delegates

"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create" - Barack Obama.

Empowerment is a necessary process for inculcating values to equip the learner, lead a life that is satisfying to the individual's well-being, in accordance with the cherished values and ideals of the society. Their learning goes beyond addressing situations through their beliefs, values and attitudes.

Thirty four percent of India's gross national income is contributed by the youth. There is a dire need to develop this percentage as seventy percent of people are below the age of forty years. Youth empowerment in any development is imperative not only for national development of an entire country but also for personal development. Young people play a crucial role as agents for change and the potential of young people's contributions to sustainable human development must not be ignored. With more than 1.8 billion young people in the world today- 90 percent of who live in developing countries addressing the diverse needs of youth is critical to ending poverty and promoting equality.

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Ms. Krisha
On behalf of the secretariat of Blue Bells Model United Nations 2022 I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Youth of today to empower our conference.
"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."


Warm Regards, 

Deputy Secretary

Secretary General
Deputy Secretary



After nearly two years of the COVID pandemic with pride we welcome you to our offline conference this fall. These 2 days of the conference will bring to you a plethora of issues to think upon and a broad network of delegates from all over NCR to socialize with peers. The Organizing Committee will be working tirelessly to offer the most intriguing and challenging conference for all of you, with the best in-campus services of BBMS. It also aims to take the substantive work to benchmark standards and at the same time create and foster a keen sense of kinship. The Organizing Committee of The BBMUN 2022 is pleased to invite you to the seventh episode. The Organizing Committee stands by the motto of the school of being brave and honest, and will be sharing the same vision during the conference and further future conferences.

It is with a mindset we work towards providing a platform of experience, confidence, commitment under one roof to build future leaders of tomorrow. Through our hard work and with all our strength we aim towards creating the two days in the life of at least students to shift towards a monumental turning point for accessing politics and policies of the world, the country and within their immediate environment. It is quite important to retrospect and analyze with contentment the problems faced and how through our inner proceeding we strive for a change.

Hope to see you all participate in very meaningful and fruitful debates in these two days. Hope you all carry on the same enthusiasm and spirit with which we bring it to you. I sincerely look forward to your participation in the BBMUN'22


The Organizing Committee.


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