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International Press

Dear International Press Corps,


It is with immense pride that I welcome you at the International Press Corps (IPC) at Blue Bells Model United Nations 2021. This is not how one usually addresses the International Press members. But since we are experiencing a shift from traditionality, it is time we take a sharper look at it.


As the world battles a deadly virus, journalists interiorize the absurdity of existing during such times. Upholding a mirror through which one is conscious of consciousness itself; everything we live for- love, loss, happiness, sadness, melancholy, and comfort. The panorama of news items that you read today will stupefy you out of the tedium life. Most news stories are comforting to read and understand. It is a light breeze that moves through you, the force of which is just strong enough to tickle your senses. Ranging from imagination, nature, society, politics, religion, and aestheticism. The most enlightening of them all is to process the imagination to dream, the dream of more peaceful world order.


To begin, it is imperative for all of you to note first and foremost that you will be confirming with roles and responsibilities as members of the International Press cohort and not as individual news agencies. International press as an unprejudiced and unswayed body, will eschew any kind of biasness in our news articles, however we will have ample opportunities to represent our opinion. We are sure that it is in your inherent knowledge, that journalism is one of the strongest and the most impactful tenet of the contemporary world.

Establishment of public opinion as an authoritative critique and its aftermath has created a dimension that has changed the course of history as we know it.

The vision here is to create a journal which echoes the power of press or journalism. Articles which give the readers food for thought combined with well-placed satire or humour. An ideal reporter or an interjector during simulations of international organizations and think tanks requires more research and presence of mind than an international delegate. The entire image of a press delegation without adequate research, is flawed. The very basic roots that this draft is based on are research and a strong value of transforming the role of press. This approach is referred to as an idealistic approach to journalism.


The body of the newsletter will mirror thorough research within the folds of satire and humour. The herculean task of building the newsletter will encapsulate our efforts that reflect the ethos of the conference, which enfolds rich debate, the process of ideation, learning, growth and the vibrant and concerted efforts that are the cornerstone of every good MUN.


This goes without saying, if you have any questions or doubt regarding your preparation for the committee please feel free to contact me.


Samriddhi Roy



General Outline Caricaturists


Just when you jumped online to learn further about caricatures, a Google doodle greeted you- thereby affirming the abundance of this very art form in the virtual world. There have been occasional examples in painting and sculpture alongside the more usual drawing for reproduction- in the generations since parody became a clearly defined idea. The most appealing rule about this activity is that there aren't any. I firmly believe caricaturist must be good writers too. To emulate the committee's political figures, the agenda in a manner that makes it attractive for onlookers to read through the mood of the discussion requires a poignant tone of writing and observational skill.


Complimenting your work with short dialogues and verbal cues add a humanizing flavour to your take on the subject. As a caricaturist, one must not strive to "beautify" their subjects.

Instead, highlight their conduct through wit, humour, and imitation, which usually misses an inexperienced eye. Without a doubt, background research on the committee is highly imperative. Caricaturists can go only as far as their ground-level understanding of the agenda goes; interpretation runs deeper once the committee's thought-process is subjectively deciphered. One can make the diligent use of two essential tools- critical humour & analogical portrayal of thought.


Additionally, I advice you to collaborate with photographers and journalists to create profitable articles for the newsletter.


Read more at- of-all-time/



General Outline- Journalist


The reporter will not merely report the council proceedings but also draw upon the debate and analyse it. The essence of this newsletter will be the analytical articles on debate, thoughtful interviews, well framed photographs and collaborative pieces containing all of the above. We are looking at a simulation of Press Corps which is deliberative and well researched. It will be filled with articles, editorials, Op-eds, Interviews, press conferences and subtle form of intelligent humour.

BBMUN 2021 is simulating Press Corps with an idealistic vision and it would not be simulating any news agency but come out as an indigenous journal that reflects the editorial policy of Reuters and Al-Jazeera.


Contrary to popular belief, there is not much difference in their reporting style. All three of them are objective and pursue a level of neutrality. The only difference that therein lies is the issues that they pick up. A detailed presentation will be sent to you to propagate this theory and thought once all reporters are on board.


Blue Bells Model School,
Sector - 04, Gurugram

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