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Dear Delegates,


It is an honor to be serving as the Executive Board of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime at The Blue Bells MUN Conference’19.

Please consider that the aim of this guide, as the name suggests, is to provide you with the background of the agenda solely. Your real research lies beyond this guide and we hope to see strong content and debate in the conference.


The topic under discussion is, “Discussing the laws of cybercrime with emphasis on online drug trafficking”.


The agenda at hand is a highly sensitive and relevant issue, and a successful discussion on it would entail the collective participation of all of you. As far as the direction of the committee is concerned, it shall be entirely your prerogative.


Also apart from simple knowledge of facts and figures that you gain while researching, analysing and connecting to the same on a more intellectual and emotional level is necessary while approaching a situation like this.


Lastly, put your best foot forward as you research into the varied aspects of the agenda and display the best of your diplomatic courtesy. Feel free to revert back to the executive board for any queries or for any form of assistance that you may require. Wishing you luck for the conference.

Note – It is mandatory for all delegates to go through the questions to consider and provided at the end of the background guide.

Looking forward to meet you all!



Yash Gupta

Advaya Shukla                                                          


Click here to download background guide.


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Sector - 04, Gurugram

BBMUN 2019 - Blue Bells Model School, Sector - 04