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Greetings Parliamentarians!


I welcome you all to BBMUN 2019, United Nations Security Council. At all points in time remember that how this document is just a research starting document and the debate is not limited to the topics given in the Background Guide.

Understand that how we as the makers of the BG follow the same procedure as you do i.e. reading PDFs, Web pages like Wiki, news articles and thus you'll feel it has been copied from somewhere or the other but this is how it is. The only thing the BG has to do is giving direction to delegates and tell the important points of debate in the agenda and this BG shall do the same.

Get back relax and get ready for 2 days of great debate and a great experience for you and for us as well.


A perfect order for starting the preparation for this MUN will be

  1. Reading the Background Guide

  2. Understanding the Committee's role and mandate

  3. Reading and understating your country role and position on the agenda

  4. Understanding the agenda and researching in depth, clearing the basics regarding everything that comes to you.

  5. Remember that the committee is set on 28th March 2014 no information post that time can be taken in consideration.

All the best and feel free to Contact us for any doubt and clarifications. 

Executive Board


Aman Kotecha                                                                                       


Pratham Sharma

Vice President


Click here to download background guide.


Blue Bells Model School,

Sector - 04, Gurugram

BBMUN 2019 - Blue Bells Model School, Sector - 04