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Thefreedom of the human mind is recognized in the right tofree speech andfree press.

- Calvin Coolidge.

The pernicious virus which has plagued the entire world has caused  the biggest debacle that mankind has ever witnessed. Considering the discernible affliction, it has caused people, one can only wish for it to tether now. The world has also been an open testimony of the positivity, fortitude and self-belief shown by many benevolent souls who have helped to tide over the second wave of the pandemic. We have embraced the New Normal and adjusted to a changed social climate.


The International Press Corp at Blue Bells Model United Nations 2021 believes that freedom of press is the conquistador that has the capability to dictate the uprise or decline of empires. Press is much more than just a mode of information because it accords the individuals with the ability to think freely, and to develop thoughts in a way that can be used to fight tyranny in varied forms. Press isn't limited only to policies and their makers, but if we really think about it, it leaves an impact on every single aspect of our lives. Throughout history, the press and journalism have played an important role in revolutions and therefore, have become a symbol of freedom of speech and expression.


Keeping these notions in mind, the International Press at BBIMUN gives you the opportunity to bring and instil change with your voice as a solitary group. Through your creativity and ingenuity, you possess the power to carve and construct opinions and reveal the unbiased and unbigoted truth. This is not just a power, but also a responsibility. You must be adequate and competent and test the boundaries of your own genius in order to honor your journalistic integrity. It is a role that you have to play with wit, tactics and most important of all, honesty and accuracy and with your veracity on display. After all, International Press is one of, if not the most dynamic part of a MUN conference.


The content must be well-researched , well-rounded , well-written , and most of all, it should be a reflection of your coherence as an observer and as a journalist. You must apply yourself conscientiously to research because the newsletter will be an emulation of the conference, unfolding it into its various levels that will include increasingly astringent yet extraordinarily outspoken debate, seemingly fundamental ideas, noticeable growth and broadening of opinions and the learning and erudition of the delegates throughout the conference. It is an instrument of awareness, and you must uphold your journalistic efficiency and report in such a way that the reader feels as if they were present in the conference themselves. On this note, we welcome you to the International Press at BBIMUN 2022.


We're excited to work with you!

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