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Two Days of Powerful Talks
August 20 - 21

The year 2020 witnessed humanity ravaged by the pandemic. It continues to affect every aspect of life around the globe, from individual relationships to institutional operations to international collaborations. As societies try to defend themselves through severe restrictions on people's movement and interactions, the disease continues to decimate families, upend governments, crush economies, and tear through the social fabric of society. The interconnectedness—and vulnerabilities—of the complex systems that make the modern world run have never been more apparent. Today’s global challenges – from climate change to unemployment and poverty - are both economic and social.

In order to tackle these complexities, social innovation and transformation have become the need of the hour. Innovation is the rethinking or reimagining of existing process in order to tackle new challenges that changing circumstances pose. “Social Transformation” is a process encompassing the emergence and adoption of socially creative strategies that reconfigure social relations in order to actualize a given social goal. Across geographic contexts and fields of activity, social innovation and transformation moves into the centre of attention across the social sciences as an effective response to challenges facing humanity.


But no social transformation is ever easy. Innovation requires encouragement, collaboration, and communication, but it typically implies clear steps that must be taken in order to disrupt status quo. What happens after is transformation—the implementation process following that first spark of innovation.  No social innovation or transformation has ever been possible without active involvement by civil society organizations. The recent Black Lives Matter movement is an ideal example of social transformation possible only through significant shifts in public discourse, debate and collective responsibility sharing. 


It is evident that the promotion of social innovation and transformation is a ginormous task, while being the most important aim of not only the United Nations, but every country, every administrative body, every society, every institution, and every individual looking forward to a post-pandemic world. With this goal in mind, we at Bluebells aim to create dialogue and collaborative learning on global challenges and finding innovative solutions. To create social innovation and transform the world we live in today into a world for the better. We hereby dedicate the 6th edition of the Bluebells Model UN towards inculcating effective social innovation and transformation.

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What is BBMUN?

Blue Bells Model United Nations chapter 6 being conducted on 20-21 August, is an attempt to establish diplomacy with the genius minds of our age, to dig deep and research, brainstorm and come up with solutions for the most gravest of issues.





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