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Greetings Parliamentarians!


It gives me pleasure to preside as the President of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation at BBMUN’19; I shall be assisted by Sachin Duhan, who shall serve in the capacity of the Vice-President. Congratulations on getting the opportunity to participate in BBMUN’19 in this academic simulation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

What we shall be looking out for is not how experienced the delegates are, rather, we want to see how you as delegates can respect disparities and differences of opinion, work around them, while extending your own foreign policy without compromising your stand with utmost articulation, thereby reaching a unanimously acceptable practical solution. In order to gain in this committee, it is important to be well read about the agenda and be fully aware of all perspectives.

Kindly make sure you are absolutely clear with the committee concept and how it is going to run. We have constructed a model for the NATO which will make your debate enjoyable and dynamic in all aspects. The following pages intend to guide you with the nuances of the agenda as well as the functioning of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The aim of this background guide is to give you a basic gist of the committee and the agenda. At no point in time can any statement in this background guide be used as substantial evidence in committee, although you can very well use it to frame your arguments. I would highly recommend that you click on the links that I have attached in multiple subtopics. As the Executive Board, we will remain as mere facilitators of debate, so we expect you to use this background guide as a starter to your research. Please do not restrict your research to this guide, rather take it as a starting point.


For any further doubts regarding the committee feel free to contact us.



Mahim Tiwari




Sachin Duhan



Click Here to download Background Guides.


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