Greetings, ministers and officers. The following is study guide to give you a brief understanding of the context within which the Indian War Cabinet 2017 is being simulated. This Cabinet will tackle a situation of heightened military escalation resulting from a standoff between India and China.


At the very outset, we would like to clarify that expanding knowledge beyond this document to historical matters surrounding the circumstance of the meeting are encouraged and recommended. What all portfolio holders need to understand before researching is that this is a military cabinet and will not function like a normal UN Committee and therefore will not have rules of procedure or diplomatic courtesy. However respect for your fellow officers of the State and an understanding of their experience and hard work in their own respective fields is to be maintained. All officers of the armed forces will be addressed by their respective ranks and the committee will function with an appropriate amount of urgency. As members of this cabinet, we will expect you to be well aware of the various roles played by the portfolio you represent in the given timeframe, and have an in depth understanding of the situation, from your respective viewpoints, depending on your specialization. Please keep in mind that the objective of such a simulation is not to replay the events as such, but try and adopt the best approach after due consideration, even if it is different, although it might not necessarily be.

For the benefit of the cabinet, hierarchy among officers will be suspended for committee participation. All portfolios must understand their respective jurisdiction and yet should not be limited by it. It is important for your research to reflect depth and be detailed. The brief below is just a summary of the conflict and holds no military details although we expect all officers to be equipped with the details worthy of military precision.


It is imperative to understand the urgency of the matter and take action based purely on any pragmatic value that might manifest from it. As the executive board, we are here to guide you and respond to your queries. Feel free to reach out to us in case any clarification is deemed necessary.









Aditya Khurana

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